End of Semester break

So what does a college instructor do right after grading? With Singapore just around January with my mom, I really couldn’t afford a huge vacation getaway. A staycation was all I needed, that is, go to some places in Manila and unwind with good company.

Tuesday was The Fort day. Had to catch the Da Vinci Exhibit at the Mind Museum.


The exhibit was fun because of the replication of Da Vinci’s inventions. Some where hands off but most of them, you can actually try.

Da Vinci 5

Da Vinci 3


Da Vinci 2


After Mind Museum, walked along Bonifacio High Street and decided to Color Me Mine located inside Hobbes and Landes. I’ve no single artistic bone in my body, but the activity was certainly relaxing and therapeutic.  Takes about two weeks for the finished product as the baking process is done somewhere else. Can’t wait to see the final product!

color me mine 2

color me mine 3

color me mine 4

Wednesday was a trip to Manila. First stop was Intramuros. I was there almost exactly a year ago, and photos can be found here. After Intramuros, stopped by Fort Santiago:

fort santiago 2

Fort Santiago 1

Fort Santiago 3

Fort Santiago


Next stop was National Museum, and was once again reunited with the Spoliarium and Parisian Life. Both works were done by revolutionary  Juan Luna.

National Museum 1

National Museum 2

Chinatown or Binondo for lunch.  Finally got to try the famous Oyster Cake, and Sincerity Chicken from, yup, Sincerity Cafe.

Serenity oyster cake

Serenity Chicken

Serenity Cafe

Evening was spent at the Mall of Asia complex with a ride in the big wheel (MOA Eye– a shoutout to London Eye) and the Bay Cruise. Just a little caveat to those interested in riding the MOA eye: windows aren’t clean and clear enough for a decent sunset shot. Other than that, it was still a fun experience for a relatively cheap fee.


manila bay cruise 2

Manila bay cruise


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2 Responses to End of Semester break

  1. coffee cup… on a coffee up…

  2. eggcheeks says:

    COLOR ME MINE. That’s so cool. I thought that brand was dedz :)) Glad to know it isn’t!

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