SciFi Cafe: The force was strong on this one


I was finally able to experience the recently opened SciFi Cafe at Robinson’s Galleria, with my friend treating me out for late lunch.

It certainly is for the geek/nerd at heart. While I can’t claim a badge, I am drawn towards science fiction since I read Ender’s Game (and all its subsequent books) and Asimov’s The Gods Themselves. So one can only imagine the thrill of eating in a place filled with SciFi figures and toys- a personal collection of the owner (some of which, customers are allowed to play with).


DarthVida and her loyal storm trooper!


scifi 3

scifi 4

My respect for the cafe owner skyrocketed after seeing the Mars Attacks! aliens.

scifi 5

Oh, and yes. There’s food. We ordered The Two Towers (onion rings and calamares) and the Mintrix burger (lamb burger. Mint. Get it? har har.)



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2 Responses to SciFi Cafe: The force was strong on this one

  1. I am in heaven, I NEED to find this place… do they serve beer also?

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