Summer is for kids, and the world is theirs to conquer.

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End of Semester break

So what does a college instructor do right after grading? With Singapore just around January with my mom, I really couldn’t afford a huge vacation getaway. A staycation was all I needed, that is, go to some places in Manila and unwind with good company.

Tuesday was The Fort day. Had to catch the Da Vinci Exhibit at the Mind Museum.


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Family heirloom


My mom finally found the time to rummage through her bazillion things and give me my paternal uncle’s coin collection. I know very little about that side of the family. Knowledge about where my great grandparents’ provenance is murky at best– that they were born and raised in Spain, then moved to Manila through Mexico.

These coins really don’t have monetary value but I find it very fascinating that they have traveled quite a lot from the late 1800’s to 1950’s.

At the very least, now I know where my wanderlust comes from.


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South Korea: Seoul + bits of the countryside [part one]

Beautiful shots.

Lemonade Hair & Egg Cheeks

So it’s been almost 5 months since my first visit to the land of Korea, I think it’s about time I post some stuff from my trip!

I know the graphic emphasizes “Seoul” but this set of photos were taken…outside the metropolitan city. Haha. It’s the “bits of the countryside” part. You’ll mostly see some landscapes, a bunch of trees, mountains, leaves, soil…but it’s worth a look anyway ’cause the nature in South Korea is beautiful and well-preserved.

Enjoy! 🙂

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Some things are more powerful in black and white

A little sense of boredom and a trip down memory lane.


china bw1


china bw4

china bw2


china bw3

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Hello, I’m in love with you


So, my very first “google poetics”. 

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Starbucks Card has finally arrived in the Philippines :D

starbucks card

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